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  • The individual filling out this form is responsible for obtaining pre-approval for transportation and childcare.
    • Mileage is paid at the federal rate for the most direct route to and from the meeting.
    • Childcare will only be paid for the duration of meeting and time spent driving from the meeting to/from childcare location.
  • The individual filling out this form is responsible for tracking time, the name of the event, and all reimbursement costs.
  • Submit this form within 14 days of the event 
  • If you receive more than $600 in honorarium compensation during a calendar year, you will need to fill out and return a W-9.


Review Proposals and complete scoring rubric Proposals and complete scoring rubric
A $35 per proposal
Teleconference (2 hours or less)

C $25
Half-day – virtual or in-person

C $50
Weekly Committee meetings/initiative

C $30
Meeting (Full-day – virtual or in-person)

A . C $100
Media interview

C $75
Focus groups (if outside of normal meeting)

A $30 per hour

Presenter at an event (virtual or in-person) C $50

Workshop presenter at a conference C $75

Co-trainer for a small audience (20 or fewer people) C $50

Co-trainer for large audience (over 20 people) C $100

Transportation: $0.625 per mile (complete only if you drove your own car to this event)

Childcare: $5 per hour per child - complete only if you paid someone to watch your child(ren). Maximum amount allowed is $50 per day/event and must be preapproved by event lead.

Check here to confirm that all information I have provided is accurate