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Family Resources


Douglas County Community Response (DCCR) is a child and family well-being system that believes the primary responsibility for the development and well-being of children lies within the family and that all segments of society must support families as they raise their children.



DCCR provides coordinated services and efforts directed at parents/caregivers and pregnant and/or parenting youth of children prenatal to 16 years of age to prevent maltreatment before it occurs and promote protective factors for families. We work to understand and recognize families and coordinate a response that best serves children, youth and families to access needed supports and services. Douglas County Community Response works across systems and community collaboration to promote child well-being and provides a coordinated prevention system of services to create safe and quality environments for children and families in Douglas County.

DCCR provides expanded support services that addresses the unique needs of clients that are currently being served through existing programs. Our work is focused on maximizing the potential that lies within everyone, so that families and communities can thrive.  In partnerships that build on the strengths of parents and children together, we bring out possibilities that lie within us all.  We work collectively to accomplish shared goals in work groups offering staff training, learning opportunities for families, case management, and family support resources through coordination from our Administrative Backbone. The most common requests from families are for housing, utilities, and transportation. Our Service Backbone for this project manages and facilitates the flex funds and provides central navigation services for the DCCR Collaborative.

For more information on how to connect to DCCR as a parent advisory or service provider, contact

For more information on flex funds, contact