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Documents Needed (examples)

Rent or Utility Assistance

  • Copy of lease agreement (if lease agreement is outdated, landlord must provide an updated lease or a signed letter stating that the lease is in good standing and the information is valid)
  • Documentation of applicant's┬árent portion must be provided if they receive subsidized housing (Section 8, Rapid re-housing voucher)
  • Copy of current utility bill (most recent within past 30 days)
  • Documentation of a payment history (payment ledger)

Security Deposit Assistance

  • Lease or letter of intent to rent from the landlord
  • Referral from a social service or government agency verifying homelessness
  • Copy of landlord's W-9
  • Current proof of income for one full month (most recent 30 days)
  • Any additional documents that help explain the need for funds

Late Rent Assistance

  • Magistrate's notice or notice of eviction from the landlord
  • Proof of previous payments or payment agreement with landlord
  • 2 pieces of mail to verify address
  • Current proof of income for one full month (most recent 30 days)

Child Care Assistance

  • Document that proves that the participant has applied for childcare subsidy and/or has a plan in order to be able to pay for childcare in the future
  • Childcare provider must be licensed

Transportation Assistance

  • Car model year must be 2011 or newer and in good repair
  • Repairs must be for engine and/or tires. NO paint (interior or exterior) or dent repair.
  • Must have valid driver's license
  • Must have valid proof of registration and insurance
  • Must use certified mechanic/shop for repairs
  • Mechanic/shop must accept agency check for payment
  • Agency may need to be reimbursed for some requests