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DCCR Success Stories:

This page will bring you latest updates on DCCR, Douglas County, and stories directly from our families. Feel free to share these anything you like on social media and don't forget #StrongFamiliesMatter.


A young man working towards reuniting with his child needed a crib.  He received the items he needed and he connected to resources in the community to strengthen his family.  Because of our work together, he has since regained full custody of his child.

A young single mom and her 3-year-old were sleeping on the floor of her mother's home due to tight financial means. Through DCCR and the Teen and Young Parent Program, they were approved to receive the necessary funding for new bedding.

A Grandmother that is the legal guardian of her 5 year old grandson was searching for rental assistance for the month of September. She had fallen behind due to her grandchild becoming ill, which caused her to miss one full week of work.

A young woman came to us 6 months into her pregnancy and she shared her concern about how she was going to support her living expenses during her maternity leave. She was worried she would have to go back to work after only a couple of weeks and possible negative effects on the development of her child.